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A downloadable game for macOS

Game done in Unreal Engine 4 playable on Mac for the Game Makers Toolkit 48 hour Game Jam about Dual Purpose Design. 


Arrow Keys to move, Space Bar to dash (only while moving).

Theme Integration:

In the game you controll a Jellyfish  that moves really slow so it's only way to move fast and move to other platforms is by dashing. It is also the only way to attack and interact. If the jellyfish dashes through blue boxes, the dash cooldown is reset and it can dash again immediately.

 If the jellyfish gets hurt, it releases some jelly, the player can eat back this jelly to regain some health. The jellyfish enemies are also attracted to the jelly and will eat it before they attack the jellyfish. This means that if the jellyfish gets attacked the player can decide to regain health or leave the jelly on the ground as a distraction in order to escape. If you decide to attack, killing an enemy resets the dash cooldown, letting the player reposition for another attack to the remaining enemies or run from them.

Duality Gameplay mechanics:

  • Dash: quick way to navigate and  the only attack function in the game.
  • Green Jelly: can be used  to regain Health or to distract enemies.
  • Killing enemies: any enemy kill resets the dash cooldown which can be used to quickly attack again or dash out of the fight.

In the Game you can interact with:

  • Blue boxes to dash again.
  • Green jelly spheres to regain health.
  • Red Spikes that hurt the jellyfish.
  • White spheres to boost movement speed.
  • Red angry Angler Fishes that will attack you.

Try to get to the end and kill the big fish.

P.S. 48 hours felt to short :S couldn't implement full win/lose conditions.

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Published 3 days ago
TagsLudum Dare 38

Install instructions

Download zip and open in Mac


Download (130 MB)